Services Offered

Mechanical & Body


Most collisions will cause some form of mechanical damage including but not limited to suspension damage, alignment problems, transmission and/or engine repairs, brakes, etc. We take the time to ensure that all mechanical repairs are done to the highest standards. 

We also offer 30 point mechanical inspections as well as structural safeties. 

Our highly trained auto body repair technicians can fix repairs resulting from major accidents or minor fender benders. From body work to oil changes and tire rotations, glass and windshield replacement, we at Peninsula Collision work in a professional manner that ensures  you no longer have to worry about your vehicle. If you have any questions please give us a call.   

Finishing & Detailing


Whether it's touching up minor scratches or a complete repaint, Peninsula Collision Service Ltd can fulfil your needs. We also offer pointless dent repairs - sometimes a cheaper alternative to full repairs. Our expert painters and detailers proficiently work to make your vehicle look as pristine as when you first got it. 

Standard with most auto body repairs, each job is detailed with care. Unfortunately, we do not offer deep cleaning or shampooing in house but can make alternative arrangements. Contact us with any inquires:




Being involved in an accident or having a disabled car is stressful. We are here to offer a little peace of mind. Our 24 hour towing service will come to your aid no matter where in the Niagara Region you are. Our courteous and experienced drivers will ensure that your vehicle arrives at our shop safely and is place in a secure, lit and surveilanced compound.  

Alongside our towing services, we also can arrange for a rental if desired while we efficiently repair your vehicle. Contact us for more information.